Medical Evacuation

Land, Sea and Air Medical Evacuation Services

Medical Assistance

Initial care of patients before they arrive at a medical facility.


Our Home Clinic services are handled by experienced doctors.

First Aid Training

Basic knowledge in providing first aid.

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Pre-Hospital Center, a business unit of the Kasih Ibu Hospital organization, was established in 2023 and is headquartered under PT. Marinda Nusantara Jaya. Delivering pre-hospital health services, including education, home clinics, and medical evacuation. In Bali, medical evacuation services are offered via land, sea, and air by qualified, informed, and professionals in their field. To meet client needs, our medical team are equipped with the most complete and contemporary medical equipment and ambulance units. With the help of the Alarm Center's 24-hour support, we provide timely and accurate medical aid for medical evacuation and emergency cases in accordance with client needs. We offer both businesses and individuals medical services as well as first aid training.

Medical Evacuation by Commercial Aircraft

Medical Evacuation by Speedboat & Ferry

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